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Drought Recovery Concessional Loans

May 07 2015

Drought Recovery Concessional Loans are now available to assist eligible New South Wales Farm Businesses that are in need of financial assistance as a result of unprecedented drought conditions.

The Drought Recovery Concessional Loans Scheme forms part of the Australian Government's response to drought and are designed to help Farm Businesses recover from the effects of drought and return to commercial viability in the longer term

NSW Rural Assistance Authority - Farm Innovation Fund.

Apr 29 2015

NSW Rural Assistance Authority - Farm Innovation Fund.


Drought preparedness, including stock and domestic water supply, ground tank maintenance and perennial pasture establishment

Environment, including soil conservation and erosion control works, solar power conversions and control of woody or noxious weeds

Farm Infrastructure, including fodder storage, sheds, fencing/roadwork and new or upgraded irrigation systems

Natural resources, including strategic tree planting, control of livestock effluent, exclusion fencing for sensitive areas and disaster mitigation works. 

Got Gaps?

Apr 23 2015


Recent investigations show that there are significant gaps between existing approvals and actual on-ground constructions. The reasons for these variations include long outstanding applications still held by the department, organic minor variations to existing operations, legal oversights and in some cases, intentionally unapproved development.

If you have approval gaps, you should address these prior to the implementation of the new FMP.  If you wait until the FMP is in place, you will need to apply under the new stringent rules and/or be made to remove or modify the infrastructure.

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