Approval Gap Analyisis

An Approval Gap Analysis is the process of comparing your farm activities and infrastructure with the terms and conditions of licences, permits and approvals held.  It identifies where there are discrepancies, and makes recommendations on the actions needed to achieve compliance.

Compliance with relevant legislation is important because substantial fines may apply for unlicensed activities or infrastructure. Significant changes are underway in relation to irrigation activities, with amendments to the Water Management Act and the development of Valley-wide Floodplain Management Plans.  Along with the availability of government grant and funding programs, this period of change is an ideal opportunity to ensure that your approvals are in order.  Non-compliance with current requirements may disadvantage you by preventing you from accessing funding, or having additional restrictions applied under new management plans.

Western Land Planning has developed a multi-step Approval Gap Analysis process that begins with identification of all on-farm infrastructure and activities that require licensing, and analysis of relevant approvals that apply to the farm. The outcome of this first step is a draft report, which is provided to the landholder for consideration and potential further action.  If further action is required, Western Land Planning can prepare all necessary applications and supporting information for submission to the relevant approval body. Our information sheet provides more detail on this process.

We can liaise with the consent authority on your behalf to determine the most appropriate way of ensuring that all licensing requirements are met.  Where necessary, we draw on our experience and our strong working relationships with all levels of government to negotiate solutions to overcome any problems associated with your licences and approvals.

Call us for a chat if you're not sure whether your current activities are in accordance with your licences and approvals.  We can advise you on the types of approvals necessary for your farm enterprises, and provide an obligation-free quote on conducting a gap analysis.

  Our information sheet 

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