Farm Resource Planning

Farm planning encompasses all facets of a farm business, from the physical farm assets and production systems to financial management and personal goals.  A farm plan can provide a strong basis for improved financial and technical decision-making by identifying those systems that are performing well and those that require modification to reach their potential.  Farming is a business as well as a lifestyle, and a comprehensive farm plan can ensure that your business is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Farm plans can be used to assist in:

  • Financing, such as obtaining loans, grants or other funds
  • Efficient allocation of physical resources – such as the best mix of cropping and livestock
  • Improving economic outcomes by identifying the most profitable enterprises
  • Improving sustainability by incorporating environmental management into production systems
  • Ensuring that legislative obligations such as licence conditions are met
  • Succession within families

Our staff have extensive experience in agricultural and natural resource management, so we understand the pressures on agricultural businesses. We are familiar with the legislation and government policies that affect farming enterprises.  Call us for a chat if you would like to undertake farm planning to assist in your business management. Western Land Planning can undertake a full inventory of the built and natural assets on your farm, and help you determine whether your current

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