Flood Impact Studies

A Flood Impact Study (FIS) is a scaled-down version of a full hydrological model.  It comprises a desk-top assessment of the current flooding condition at a particular location, the likely impact of flooding on a proposed (or existing) development, and the likely impact of the development on flooding conditions at other locations.

An assessment of flooding condition is a necessary component of some approval processes, such as applications for Controlled Works approval under the Water Act 1912.  A FIS is a way of assessing likely impact of minor developments without the expense of a full hydrological model.  Where it is expected that impacts will be significant, a more detailed study will be required.

Western Land Planning can prepare a FIS for your development. Our staff work with hydrological engineers to provide a study that meets the requirements of the relevant approval body without the unnecessary expense and time required to produce a full hydrological model.  We will conduct the site assessment, write the report and prepare the application forms for your project.  We can liaise with the consent authority on your behalf to ensure that all application requirements are met and there are no unnecessary delays in having your application assessed.  Where necessary, we draw on our experience and our strong working relationships with all levels of government to negotiate solutions to overcome any problems associated with your proposal.

Call us for a chat if you're not sure whether your proposal requires a flood impact study as part of the application process.  We can advise you on the need for, and type of assessment necessary, and provide an obligation-free quote on preparing your application.

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