Many agricultural activities require licensing or approval.  Common examples include approval to:

  • extract surface or groundwater for irrigation
  • harvest floodplain waters
  • irrigate particular areas on-farm
  • construct works on a floodplain
  • construct a water storage
  • clear native vegetation
  • cause damage to an Aboriginal place or item

Please refer to our range of information sheets for more detail on activities that require licensing.

The legislation that dictates which activities require approval is complex and can be confusing.  In some cases, approval may be required from more than one agency for the same project.  Penalties for operating without the necessary approval can be severe, including fines and in some cases, imprisonment.  It is therefore important to ensure you have the necessary approvals in place, and that your activities are carried out in accordance with your approval.

Call us for a chat if you are proposing to undertake new activities on-farm, and are unsure of what approvals you may need.  Western Land Planning can help you determine whether approval is required for your proposed (or existing) activities, and advise you on the most efficient way to proceed.  We are familiar with the legislation that affects on-farm activities, and have excellent working relationships with most approval authorities. 

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