Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is a type of environmental impact assessment.  Other types include Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Species Impact Statements (SIS).  All of these are used to assess the potential impact of a proposed development on various aspects of the environment.

Local councils assessing applications for developments, and government departments assessing applications for some types of permits or licences are required by law to consider the environmental impact of the proposal before granting consent.  The applicant must provide the appropriate environmental impact assessment as part of the application process.  Our information sheet provides more detail on this process.

Western Land Planning can prepare the environmental impact assessment for your proposed development.  We have qualified, experienced staff who will conduct the site assessment, write the report and prepare the application forms for your project.  We can liaise with the consent authority on your behalf to ensure that all application requirements are met and there are no unnecessary delays in having your application assessed.  Where necessary, we draw on our experience and our strong working relationships with all levels of government to negotiate solutions to overcome any problems associated with your proposal.

Call us for a chat if you're not sure whether your proposal requires an environmental impact assessment.  We can advise you on the need for, and type of assessment necessary, and provide an obligation-free quote on preparing your application.

  REFs WLP brochure

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