A detailed map of your farm and its assets is an invaluable tool for management of farming enterprises, and is a necessary component of many licence applications. Plans of Works that provide information about the location, height and dimensions of earthworks are particularly important for Part 8 approvals. 

Some statutory plans (such as Floodplain Management Plans) place restrictions on the height and location of works, and accurate measurement is essential to ensure compliance with these restrictions and avoid possible penalties.

Surveys have a variety of applications, including:

  • verification of boundaries
  • forming the basis of a whole farm plan or other site management plan
  • supporting applications for approval of works
  • demonstrating compliance with conditions of approvals
  • calculation of water storage capacity and other aspects of water accounting
  • preparing maps for bushfire management planning
  • management of cultural heritage sites
  • management of pest animals and weed infestations

Western Land Planning uses the latest GPS hardware and associated software to capture data in the field, with a high degree of accuracy.  Field data can be captured efficiently and transferred to our database for use in mapping and other products. Our GPS system allows us to produce exceptional quality mapping products that meet the most demanding standards. Our information sheets provide more detail on our GPS system and databases, and the situations where these services may be useful.

Call us to discuss your survey requirements.  We can determine the most efficient product to meet your needs.  If you are planning to apply for approval to construct earthworks, we can advise you on the application process and the supporting information that will be required. 

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