Water Balancing

Water accountancy refers to the process of identifying water available from all sources, and all sources of water use and/or loss.  It is used to calculate water use efficiency, and identify areas of inefficiency such as excessive evaporative or seepage losses. As the availability of irrigation water declines and costs increase, it is good business practice to review water sources and use to determine where improvements can be made.

Water balances are a necessary component of applications for a range of government funding programs, such as the current Sustaining the Basin Irrigation Farm Modernisation program.

Western Land Planning has developed customised databases that allow us to prepare water balances in formats suitable for a range of applications.  We have extensive experience in assisting landholders to apply for funding, and in assessing water use efficiency for ongoing management purposes.

If you would like to know more about water accountancy and how it can help your farm business, contact us for an obligation-free discussion and quote on a suitable product for your needs.

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