Water Compliance

The extraction and use of water for irrigation purposes is governed by a range of legislation and policies, and is undergoing important change in 2015.  The relationships between these rules can be confusing, however the penalties for not complying can be severe, with the most significant offences attracting fines of up to $2.2M for a corporation.

Examples of activities that require approval include:

  • extraction of water from surface and groundwater sources
  • use of water for irrigated crop production
  • construction of embankments, levees, storages and other earthworks on floodplains
  • harvest of floodplain waters
  • Approvals to undertake these activities are usually given with conditions.  In addition to the possibility of legal action, failing to comply with the relevant legislation, or with conditions attached to approvals, can affect eligibility to participate in programs such as modernisation funding.

Western Land Planning has developed a multi-step Approval Gap Analysis process for assessing compliance with legislation and approvals. If corrective action is required, Western Land Planning can prepare all necessary applications and supporting information for submission to the relevant approval body.

We can liaise with the consent authority on your behalf to determine the most appropriate way of ensuring that all licensing requirements are met.  Where necessary, we draw on our experience and our strong working relationships with all levels of government to negotiate solutions to overcome any problems associated with your licences and approvals.

Contact us for a chat if you're not sure whether your current activities are in accordance with the legislation, your licences and approvals.  We can advise you on the types of approvals necessary for your farm enterprises, and provide an obligation-free quote on conducting a gap analysis.

See also our Licensing, Approval Gap Analysis and Review of Environmental Factors services.

  Floodplain Licensing WLP brochure
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