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We are a small regional consultancy supporting all levels of government, farmers, small businesses, community organisations and individuals. We specialise in environmental and agricultural issues, helping our clients to achieve sustainable outcomes.

David Edmondson with Dan Ostwald on Branglebar

David Edmondson with Dan Ostwald on Branglebar

To maximise relationships and harness people’s skills, networks, the land, its environment and capital resources for real solutions in a move towards a sustainable future. We believe that all business affairs should be conducted legally and ethically, with strict observance of the highest standards of integrity and probity. Please take a few moments to browse our site for information on our team, the services we offer, current projects, and how to contact us.

Western Land Planning is an industry leader in the Assessment of compliance with approvals related to irrigation and water licences. We have developed an integrated audit process that identifies where current practice may not comply with existing approvals, and provides a staged course of action for bringing the farm business and approvals into alignment. This service is a focus of our current work, developed to assist landholders to manage pending amendments to the water legislation. The Gap Analysis is also a great starting point for ongoing farm management decisions relating to licensing. If you are interested in this service, please refer to our brochure on Gap Analysis, or contact us for more information.

Western Land Planning has earned a solid reputation for quality work and discreet, personalised service to our clients. We focus on identifying our clients’ needs and customising our services accordingly. Our staff have a range of complementary skills and experience, and work collectively to provide the best possible product for our clients.

Western Land Planning was founded in 2000 by David Edmondson, with a desire to provide quality, personalised consultancy services to regional NSW. David brings a wealth of experience in sustainable natural resource management and business management respectively. Western Land Planning has established itself as a progressive company providing high quality services in a range of community consultation, agribusiness management, agricultural and environmental fields. Because we are a small company our clients get to know us and can have confidence that the people working on their project understand their needs.

While we are based in Dubbo, we work for clients throughout Australia, travelling to visit as required. All of our staff are local, and have a strong understanding and affinity with regional issues.

Much of our current work revolves around changes to legislation and policy governing irrigation farming. In response to impending changes to floodplain management, we have developed an Approval Gap Analysis Report – an audit of existing farm infrastructure and water use against existing approvals. Useful in its own right, this report is also an excellent tool to guide further farm analysis, applications for new or amended approvals

Applications for development frequently require environmental impact Assessment as part of the approvals process. We have developed standard format reports that consider all relevant issues, facilitation Assessment by the approval authorities. Situations that commonly require some form of environmental impact assessment include designated developments assessed by Local Government, floodplain developments assessed by the NSW Office of Water, and changes of lease purpose assessed by the Department of Crown Lands.

Our farm modernisation reports are designed to assist irrigators in applying for government funding under programs such as the Sustaining The Basin Irrigation Farm Modernisation program. We have assisted our clients to secure funding for on-farm projects

"We work for client’s throughout Australia"

Our services

Western Land Planning offers personalised, high quality products to our clients, whether in agricultural industries, local government, and other sectors. Our staff have extensive experience in a wide range of related fields, and are keen to find the right combination of skills to meet your requirements. Profiles of key staff are available from the “Team” section of this page.

The diversity of complementary skills among our staff allows us to provide an integrated approach to on-farm issues. We also have strong working relationships with various Commonwealth and State government departments, and a solid understanding of political processes that affect natural resource management.

Farm Resource Planning

  • On-farm irrigation efficiency planning
  • On-farm floodplain assessment planning
  • Irrigation modernisation planning
  • Accredited farm Resource planning

Agricultural Compliance

  • Licence compliance auditing
  • Approval Plan of Works
  • Preperation of Licence Applications
  • Surveying

Environmental Assessment

  • Review of Environmental Factors
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Cultural and Heritage Assessments
  • Property Vegetation Plans

Seasonal Water Balances

  • On-farm Monitoring of Infrastructure
  • Real-time On-farm water measurement
  • Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring and measurement
  • Seasonal Whole Farm Water Balances

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David Edmondson

David Edmondson


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